For all people to be able to enjoy good sex regardless of age or sexuality.

bda ORGANIC returns a portion of all sales to efforts by organizations active in STI/HIV and sex education. We provide a place for people to obtain correct knowledge for their sexual health and contribute to the creation of a society where everyone can face sex seriously.

Overview of Fund

Fund Name
Sexual Health Next Generation Fund
Starts on
December 1st, 2017 (Fri.)
Administrative Organizations
Spice Unlimited Inc. and Takakura New Industries Inc.
Fund Startup Background
In order to propose new habits for further increasing the quality of sex, we at bda ORGANIC felt the need to not only design and sell products but to consider sexually transmitted diseases (HIV) and sex in general in a forward-thinking way. Without sexual health, a person cannot reach the goal of “Joy, Comfort, and Safety” which we strive for.
That is why we worked together with organizations and individuals involved in “sexual health” to help more people know about their activities–it was based on this desire that we decided to donate a portion of our sales to an aid fund. Not only do we donate, we also share our ideas and knowledge to participate proactively in these activities.
Activity details
We donate a portion of our sales to organizations involved in sexual health issues.

※What is sexual health?

“Sexual health” refers not only to sex and the desires/behaviors toward sex, but rather covers all health aspects of “sex and life”
For example, the health of the respective sex organs of men and women. There are diseases transmitted through sex like STIs. And there are diseases, for example, cancer, or the fear of acquiring these cannot be called a state of health. This also includes mental and physical health involving child birth such as unwanted pregnancies, infertility, and infertility treatments. Being a victim of sexual violence can greatly diminish one’s sexual health, and the purveyor of the violence cannot be called healthy either. Social circumstances and institutions also have a large impact on the physical and mental health of a person in regards to physical sex, sexual orientation, sexual awareness and sexual expression.

“Sex” is also involved in many scenarios we find ourselves in living in society such as our human relationships with sexual partners, communication skills we use to build those relationships, and our mental health. Improving these factors leads to an improved “life” itself.

For this reason we strive to arm ourselves with sufficient knowledge, select from among multiple sources of information and select medical facilities and social resources in our actions–in order to enable appropriate sexual behavior for both “sex and life”.