Changing what we take for
granted in relation to sex.

“I had a vague feeling of unease about it, but I just assumed that’s the way it is.”

“My partner is happy with what I’m doing, so it doesn’t matter.”

Actually, when it comes to sex, even though everyone wants to increase their enjoyment they have small problems, and there are risks that we face that most people tend not to notice.

We are squarely facing everything relating to sex that we had never questioned before or had taken for granted.

We are changing things so that everyone can achieve physical and emotional satisfaction, regardless of sexuality.

This is what bda ORGANIC is striving for.

Sex should be enjoyable and comfortable,
but many people struggle with problems…

We focused our attention on this reality. Even if one does not have any problems at present, as one gets older, or as the expectations of sex of oneself or one’s partner change, there is the increasing potential for problems to develop. Based on this premise, we gathered the problems surveyed by obstetricians, gynecologists and urologists, and embarked on product development. We followed up on issues raised, and created amenities to further accelerate comfort.

“bda” for before, during, and after sex.

The “bda” brand was created based on the initials of “before, during and after,” in relation to sex. To support the entire time spanning sex, we took an approach that not only focused on safety but also on aspects that addressed all five senses. This included such things as a relaxing green tea fragrance, and a comfortable texture.

  • bda product
  • bda product
  • bda product

bda ORGANIC has been certified by ACO—one of the world’s strictest organic certification organizations.

Since this product comes into direct contact with parts of the body that are delicate and have high rates of absorption, we chose to use organic materials that are gentle on the skin. bda ORGANIC uses 100% naturally derived ingredients, and the product achieves at least 95% organic content in the materials used. The product received certification from ACO—one of the world’s strictest organic certification organizations—as a first for a Japanese product.
※Based on the percentage of organic ingredients, etc.

ACO Australian Certified Organic
A certification organization in Australia, which is an advanced country in organics. One of the strictest organic certification organizations in the world. The standard for their certification is that at least 95% of the ingredients other than water and salt are certified organic, and the remaining 5% of the ingredients must also be natural ingredients that pass strict guidelines.

ACO Certifed Organic

With the cooperation of medical professionals, we have developed a brand that pursues safe and secure.

In order to provide all people with a product and information that are safe and secure, we consulted with medical professionals with a variety of specializations for guidance and advice regarding product development and dissemination of information.

Dr. Song Mihyon

Marunouchi no Mori Ladies Clinic
Dr. Song Mihyon

1976 Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated Osaka University Medical department, faculty of Medicine in 2001 and entered medical station as doctor to the maternity and gynecology department of the same University.
“Truly Pleasurable Sex Explained by Female Doctors”, which was released in 2010, is a huge hit receiving lots of attention after the series has sold a total of 700,000 units. Currently appears on Fuji TV’s “Tokudane!” as a regular Thursday commentator.

Dr. Shinya Iwamuro

Representative of the Health Promotion and Advancement Center
Dr. Shinya Iwamuro

1955 Born in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. After graduating Jichi Medical University in 1981, he worked as a urologist and a public health physician in Kanagawa Prefecture. He currently has established a Health Promotion and Advancement Center.
While conducting HIV/AIDS and urological screenings, he vigorously performs lectures on health promotion and pubescent sexuality and psychology.

Social Mission


For all people to be able to enjoy good sex regardless of age or sexuality.

bda ORGANIC returns a portion of all sales to efforts by organizations active in STI/HIV and sex education. We provide a place for people to obtain correct knowledge for their sexual health and contribute to the creation of a society where everyone can face sex seriously.