What is the pleasant sex that popular AV actor Ittetsu teaches and women do not know?

What is the pleasant sex that popular AV actor Ittetsu teaches and women do not know?

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This time, I asked Ittetsu, a popular actor for AV for women, about the secrets of AV that is now popular for women and popular works.

Interviewer: OliviA (Love Life Advisor)

AV for men is something strange. Women’s work that started there

Ittetsu AV actor, who has a lot of female fans due to her refreshing looks and her appearance in a work that distinguishes women from the past. In the first place, I think that many adult movies are viewed by men, but when did AV for women come out?

“In the past, there were works for women, but I think the reason why they became established was the appendix DVD of the 2009 magazine “an · an” featuring special sex,” says Ittetsu. This DVD was created by SILK LABO, an AV label for women, and is a work in which Itoru also appeared.

“In addition to the timing when works that were clearly aimed at women began to appear, AV that was rented at adult shops and rental videos until then can be seen by purchasing or downloading on the net. Yes, women can watch AV without resistance. I think that AV for women was established from there.”

By targeting women, the content of the work has changed significantly.

“From the perspective of women, there was a feeling that the AV stories and castings up until that point were uncomfortable. So, the content was made so that it would not look unnatural when seen by women.”

Speaking of casting, in AV for men, actors who were shiny and black were common, but for women it seems that actors with a general atmosphere can be seen more comfortably, so the atmosphere of casting seems to have changed .. Mr. Ittetsu also has the perfect atmosphere of the expression of a refreshing young man.

“It’s also a feature for women that the story before sex begins is important for women. In the case of men’s work, one girl worriedly sat in the bed after the interview, and a shirtless actor appeared there. It is common for conversations to start having sex with each other, but from the viewpoint of women, there is a resistance from the reason why sex begins in this flow, so the relationship between the two is properly established. I started to draw.”

Indeed, AV that was uncomfortable for women to watch was made into a work that women can watch with peace of mind, so it became something that women can enjoy.

The action in the work is also female first

“I’m also reviewing the AV performance by incorporating the opinions of women,” says Ittetsu. “When it comes to works for men, there are many exciting scenes that make men happy. For example, squirting, facial cumshots, etc. From a female perspective, this is a behavior that women do not need. That’s why I removed it in the work. On the contrary, I can add a scene to wear a condom because the action can be seen with confidence.”

By the way, for men, AV is not only used as a tool to eliminate libido, but it is sometimes used like a textbook for sex, which is sometimes a problem.

“Plays such as facial cum shots and swallows are drawn as if the actress is willing to receive in AV for men, but there are many cases that women will be pleased even in actual play by swallowing it It also hurt women.By appearing in women’s films, I became more aware of what women wanted for their sex and sex. ”

Love is a popular work for women

Ittetsu who has appeared in many works. What is the tendency of popular works?

“The most popular work I’m appearing in is love-loved content. It’s written with hashtags such as #優徹 or #癒徹. Healed because I’m tired from work. I think that the reason why it is popular is that it responds to such feelings of wanting to be kind.

“The other popular piece is a slightly bullish approach. It’s a bit forcible, but it’s a kind of male figure, kind of like a gentle prince, or something that will lead you.

As I mentioned in the story, various hashtags are attached to the work according to the genre, and it seems that you can search for your favorite work type. For example, there are #S徹, #怒り徹, #悪徹, and so on.

“芋徹” is my old nickname. There is a piece called “4 tatami mat darling” in the work of SILK LABO, but the main character is a poor student, For that reason, I have a fight with her, but my room is small without a bath, so I wanted to make a fashionable hotel for the first time, so I tried to save money. I’m doing my best. It’s a story that Kyun knew about this true intention as she got into a fight.”

What kind of story do you like? Enjoy watching AV for women

When I heard that it was AV, I had a feeling that I would like to see it somehow, but when I listen to the story, I am glad that consideration is given to women so that they can be seen with peace of mind, and above all, the story in which Ittetsu appears I want to see various things! I feel like that.

“First of all, take a look at the work introduction, and if there is something you are interested in, please take a look at it. I would like people who have resistance to AV for men to see a completely different world.”

Men are horny. Woman is heartthrob

Ittetsu “As a man, I have a real feeling about what so-called men want from AV. On the other hand, when I asked how women see my work, what men and women are looking for in AV is very much. I feel different.”

What is the difference between what men and women want for AV?

How to enjoy AV not only to eliminate sexual desire

Ittetsu is often surprised by the situations in which she sees her work from female fans.

“I was surprised that after I sent my child out, I was throwing away the dishes and watching my work on my iPad. Others were listening to conversation like healing music. When I went back and listened to the story, I couldn’t believe it was true, and I heard that everyone was watching my work at the girls-only gathering and sharing their thoughts. I can’t imagine that everyone would appreciate it as a man.

For men, watching AV is a practical way to eliminate libido. But in the case of women, I was surprised that some people enjoyed it as a work without such an idea.”

Sexual Fantasy Makes Sex Pleasant

However, Ittetsu wants women to use it not only as an ornamental item, but as an item that improves sex.

“I’m really sorry, but sometimes I don’t really get up at work. It’s called “waiting for me to get up.” At that time, all the actors had tools to inspire themselves. For example, I think of a good AV, or if I don’t have sex right now, I can’t have sex again… I imagine a situation and try to drive myself in.”

Perhaps many women have experienced that when they had sex with their partner, they did not get excited, or when they were nervous and could not switch on. At that time, it seems to be effective if there is a tool to switch on yourself.

“I think men and women want to feel good about having sex with their favorite partner. I think it’s the same for both men and women. As a way of doing that, I’d be happy if you could find your favorite situation or story by referring to AV.”

When do you need sexual fantasy?

According to Ittetsu, men have a practical use to eliminate libido, and women have an emotional way of enjoying the story.

OliviA, a love life adviser who receives many consultations about sex, says she wants women to utilize items like AV.

“Have you ever heard of the word sexual fantasy? It’s what we call “okazu.” It enhances sexual desire and enriches the world of sex. Enriching sex and sexual life An important element to send.

Ittetsu told you that he has a weapon to inspire himself, but we also recommend women to use “sexual fantasy” skillfully to enhance their feelings.”

For example, when you enjoy self-pleasure, you can get more excitement by imagining a situation with your favorite person or projecting yourself in your favorite story, rather than just giving a physical stimulus. Because sexual fantasy has the advantage of increasing sexual sensitivity.

“Sexual fantasy is also good for preparing your mind and body before doing sexual activity. If you don’t have sexual excitement, you may not be able to get comfortable sex because you are hard to get wet. At such times, you can use sexual fantasy to stimulate the body’s reaction.

You can find your favorite sexual fantasy to enjoy better sex with a couple who are a little ruthless or a partner.”

Sexual fantasy for me

“As a result of investigating what a woman holds sexual fantasy, we found that each sense has a fantasy,” says OliviA.

“If you’re excited by visual stimuli, the video or manga might be effective, or you might be excited by olfactory stimuli, such as clothes worn by your partner or the scent of your bed. There are people who are excited by the masticatory sound, and people who feel the stimulus to a specific part of the body.Using the five senses to explore what kind of stimulus I am excited to understand sexual fantasy valid”

What is the most popular sexual fantasy?

“My impression is that there are quite a lot of people who like to remember the best etch they had with their old boyfriends,” says Ittetsu.

“Many people say that sexual fantasy is effective. And I often hear that I remember my former partner rather than the one I’m currently dating with. I’m not very excited today and I’m full of moisture. I don’t know, “I think of another man in my head” is a good advice for having a good sex.” (OliviA)

Certainly, when you’re a partner, you might close your eyes and think of someone you like. “It’s sad from the men’s side, but I don’t know if you don’t tell me, so I think it’s Ali if they can both feel comfortable with each other.” (Ittetsu)

Make good use of sexual fantasy and live a better sexual life

After listening to the story, sexual fantasy such as AV does not only eliminate sexual desire and enjoy the story of the favorite actor, but by incorporating it well, actual sex and self pleasure are better I understand that it is an important element that makes me feel good.

AV for women now has many categories and many works. Also, movies, manga, and novels are important sources.

Why not find your favorite sexual fantasy as an essential item for a fulfilling sexual life?