Taboo view is obsolete! ? Pleasure items that attract attention

Taboo view is obsolete! ? Pleasure items that attract attention

When it comes to sexuality, it’s hard to talk and hear.
However, in fact, sometimes I don’t have really good sex or sometimes I damage an important body. Therefore, the “Sexual Health School” was started in order to acquire proper knowledge without tabooing the topic of sex.

This time, we asked Miura, a writer who is familiar with female sex, and OliviA, a love life adviser, to teach us about .

Women’s leisure items that are common overseas. The variations and evolution are amazing!

Do you all have “please items”?
Pleasure items are items that assist masturbation (called self-pleasure in sexual health schools) generally called adult toys, adult goods, love goods, sex toys, etc. These items are somehow abnormal, and I think that they are quietly sold at adult shops.

However, in Europe and America, women generally enjoy using , so it is more familiar than Japan and there are many variations. I was taught from the trend of in such a world.

Introducing evolutionary items that incorporate the opinions of women!

It seems that the world’s pleasure items have undergone a remarkable evolution in the last few years. According to writer Miura and lecturer OliviA, “the way items are made has changed.”

“Until now, were designed to be bought by men and used by women, and were made from a men’s perspective. Therefore, most of them were grotesque designs with a male genital motif. “Many women say that they don’t want such a vivid thing, so recently, a lot of made from a female point of view have appeared and attracted attention” (Mr. Miura).

So, let’s start with the latest , beginner-friendly items, and interesting items.

Latest Trends in Pleasure Items -First of all, let’s try it for beginners-

First of all, from basic items for beginners. Of the , the most commonly known one is the vibrator type used by inserting. Those who have used it will understand, but even a high-quality medical silicone vibe tends to feel “cold” when inserted. Once you feel that way, not only do you feel uncomfortable with the body, but some people may feel pain.

“The model that appeared there was the American brand SVAKOM’s “ANGEL”. SVAKOM creates innovative items with the latest technology and ideas, and is a high-end pleasure item that focuses on safe materials. It’s a brand, and this “ANGEL” warms up to the level of human skin and reduces the feeling of coolness during insertion and enhances orgasm.”

SVAKOM is the first brand to have a warm vibe. There is a thermometer-like mark on one of the switches, and when you press it for about 3 minutes, the temperature rises to around 38°C, and when you touch it with your hands, it feels a little warmer than human skin. “By warming the inside with the warming function, you can feel the comfort of being “healed while at the same time having a sexual feeling” as if you were massaged. For those who have never used a vibe, Even if you’ve used it and you’re afraid, you can use the warm vibe without any discomfort.” (Miura)

Use of lotion is recommended to prevent discomfort

Miura and OliviA said, “When you use , please use lotion (lubricant) together.” Even a well-made must be a foreign object, so there is a risk that you may feel pain without getting wet enough depending on your physical condition. She says that lotion is indispensable in order to minimize the feeling of foreign matter and to feel comfortable.

“Especially for warm feeling vibes, a little bit is enough at the beginning, so if you insert lotion at the tip and then insert it, it will become a priming water and you will get wet more and more. “Lotion is something that people who do not get wet”, “Age It’s a waste to shy away from the belief that “the people who use it will use it” (Miura).

“Especially the warm vibes are great with lotions. You can feel the warmth and sliminess of the human skin, and you can feel that a lot of love juice is coming out of you. I think you can feel that it is also increasing.” (OliviA).

are evolving, such as products that have introduced the latest technology and products that have cleared the problems that have been encountered so far. If you think that you are not good at using it once, or if you are uncomfortable because you have not used it, why not try using the warm feeling vibe introduced by the two people first.

The latest trend of leisure items. The hot selling item is the clitoris suction system!

Recently, various items have evolved. Among them, what attracts the most attention now is the “clitoris suction system”. What kind of item is getting attention?

“Up until now, most pleasure items have been vibrators intended for insertion and pink rotors that bring out pleasant sensations due to vibration. However, the flow changed completely with the advent of the type that sucks the clitoris around 2016. (Miura)

For example, the model “Liberty” from the German brand “Womanizer” is shaped like a tulip bud, as you can see in the picture. I don’t know if it is an item.

“When you open it, a body with a suction port will appear. Then, just put the suction port on the clitoris and press it gently. Then, suction starts at the same time as the vibration and sucks up the clitoris. It’s really subtle.” (Miura).

The strength of the suction is weak enough to make you wonder, “Is this enough?” However, if you continue to give that stimulus, it will bring a great pleasure. After “Womanizer” launched a suction system item, similar products appeared from other brands, and it is said that this suction system is now drawing attention in .

Multi-use item that can be enjoyed in many ways

The product called “crescendo” from England is popular as a vibrator that “enjoys many ways”. “Because it can be bent at any angle, you can enjoy it by inserting it at an angle that suits you when you insert it, and it is popular in the West because it easily fits in sensitive places. It is also highly rated as a U-shaped vibe That’s why.”

Similarly, the model “QUEEN” of the brand “ZALO” is also a multi-use item. Although it is a general vibrator when you see only the main body, it can be used as a clitoris suction item by covering the attached attachment.

Items that can be enjoyed by both hands-free and couples

Items that can be used not only by yourself but also as a couple have appeared. For example, the “Eva2” brand of the “Dame” brand, launched by two feminist women in New York, is characterized by a design that, at first glance, does not seem like a pleasure item.

“Eva2 is a so-called rotor, which is used by fixing the part that extends like an arm under the labia majora and fixing it to the female genitals. This makes the rotor part fit the clitoris in a hands-free state. That’s what I do” (Miura).

By the way, the brand called Dame is developing products based on the idea of ​​”create with reference to the real intentions of women” rather than “the body of women that men think”. That’s how these functions were devised.

This Eva2 can be used by a single woman, but it seems that it can be used by a couple. When a man comes in while it is fixed to the female genitals, the waist of the man is pressed tightly against the clitoris, and while he can enjoy the insertion and stimulation of the clitoris at the same time, the vibration is transmitted to the man and he feels comfortable together.

Insertion type with strong stimulation piston type

Insertable items are also evolving. The product “STRONIC G” from the German brand “Fun Factory” seems to be a piston-type vibe.

“It’s an insertion type vibrator that moves smoothly when you switch it on. Some of the insertion types are large and difficult to insert in Western countries, but there are also models that are one size smaller for the Asian region.

It may be a little difficult for those who use the vibrator for the first time, but it is recommended for those who want to try the piston motion function.” (Miura)

In addition, in the fall of 2019, it seems that the piston vibe was also released from the brand “SWAN”, but there is a device for movement that suits women.

“The feature is that it will lightly piston the moment it is inserted. I think most women have some experience of suddenly being pierced and getting hurt. So this warm-up is absolutely necessary. After that, piston Since you can adjust the speed of, please enjoy it at your favorite speed” (Miura).

How to choose a leisure item. Vision of the company that supports the brand

Pleasure items that evolve in various ways. It is said that the background is the feeling of each brand. What is the vision of each manufacturer? ..

“German “Fun Factory” is a company that develops products with the idea that “everyone can use pleasure items” regardless of sexuality, physical disabilities, or financial circumstances. .. The “Womanaizer” introduced last time is also active in contributing to society by investing in and sponsoring events that support women. Introducing a unique rotor called “Eva2”, “Dame” is a brand from the United States, and it also carries out political activities such as protesting against the establishment of the Abortion Prohibition Law in Alabama. I am. We are also doing other challenging things, such as advertising for pleasure items on the New York subway.” (Miura)

It seems that there was bashing for this advertisement saying “Do not post obscene things”, but “Dame” originally said “Gravure that stimulates male sexual excitement overflows both at the station and on the street However, it seems that he decided not to have a female pleasant sensation.” “The female pleasant sensation is neither obscene nor obscene.”

When choosing items, you can choose not only your preference, but also the ones of companies that you can relate to to support your activities.

How to clean your leisure items

Ordinary pleasure items will be used repeatedly, but what you care about is cleaning and maintenance. Are there any precautions?

“Pleasure items are recommended to be made of medical grade silicone, etc. Until a while ago, vinyl chloride items were the mainstream, but the surface may get dirty or people may get rash. Silicone is a material that is easy to maintain hygiene so that it can be used in medical settings and kitchen appliances.”

“Moreover, most rechargeable items are waterproof, so after use, wash them off with hot water or water, and then wash them with hand soap or a neutral detergent to clean them. Recently, to prevent “dust”, anti-dust coating There are more excellent items that are made from the user’s point of view.If it is a waterproof specification item, you can wash it without worrying about water entering the machine part Yone” (Miura).

There are also special cleaning items. For example, a “toy cleaner” exclusively for pleasure items from “Fun Factory” from Germany. This is a spray type, you just need to spray it before and after use and wipe it off.

Since it is an item that touches delicate places, hygiene care is of utmost importance. When using the leisure item, be sure to check the maintenance.

The German brand “Satisfyer” “ONE NIGHT STAND” is the world’s first battery-powered clitoris suction type item. It drives for about 35 minutes each time, but it can only be used once. “There are rechargeable items of the same type but with different price ranges, but it is somewhat expensive when used up, but you can use it with peace of mind. It is also recommended to try it once.” (OliviA).

Pleasure item effective for vaginal training

“Vagina training” that I often hear recently. Some items can be used for both self-pleasure and training.

“The model called “Femimate Plus” is an item that supports so-called “vaginal training” to train the pelvic floor muscles. There is a sensor inside and you can measure your vaginal pressure by linking with the application. In training mode, the app will navigate you in English, “tighten and loosen”. In addition, when the training is over, the sound effects such as crackling and clapping are included to make it feel like “I did my best”. The feature is that it also works with a smartphone app.” (Miura)

“There are also items that are specialized for training mode. It is “elvie”. If you press the side of the stylish case, a self-pleasing item will appear from the inside, which can also be linked to the application. It’s like a tadpole, but you can insert your head and train, and record the results in the app.” (Miura)

Even if you thought it was a little embarrassing to get , you could understand that it has evolved and there are a lot of variations, so that you might rather think it was a loss.

Self-pleasure has begun to change in recognition from the act of satisfying secretive and sexual needs to the realization of a fulfilling sexual life as a matter of course for everyone. It supports health, beauty and joy, so please find the item that suits you.