Even with hard use it retains its soft syrupy

Even with hard use
it retains its soft syrupy

Organic Jelly Lotion Hard
Aloe & Green Tea

50mL / 600yen (tax excluded)
300mL / 2,300yen (tax excluded)
78.8% natural ingredients 78.8% organic ingredients

Due to its all-natural plant composition, its thickness  and durability can stand up to hard use Hard use requires plenty of moisture and lasting thickness, so it is created this viscosity, it is created using organic glycerin made from soy beans and corn. This gives it a firm thickness while also allowing it to spread out smoothly. Furthermore, including organic Aloe vera juice produces long-lasting thickness.

The ingredients, manufacturing facilities, and machines are all carefully selected out of confidence in the reliability of products MADE IN JAPAN In our pursuit of thickness and durability we have carefully searched out the highest quality natural ingredients in Japan. Furthermore, all manufacturing is done in domestic facilities with cutting-edge machinery. We have perfected a lotion that you can select with confidence knowing it is MADE IN JAPAN.

Our lotion has no taste, aroma or color, making it suitable for all people Sensual aromas and tastes can work effectively, but differences in user preferences, moods or physical conditions give rise to needs for lotions with no taste, aroma, or color. To meet these needs, we offer a clear and transparent lotion option with no taste and or aroma.

  • Organic glycerin

    Organic glycerin

  • Organic aloe vera juice

    Organic aloe vera juice

  • Pearl extract

    Pearl extract

  • Green tea extract

    Green tea extract

We aim to deliver safety and security in a friendly manner
NEWQuantity limited

We aim to deliver safety and security in a friendly manner

Organic Jelly Lotion Soft
5-pack of card shaped packages

10g x 5 pieces 1,000 yen (tax excluded)
100% natural ingredients 98.3% organic ingredients

A 5-piece set with a limited-edition package
design perfect for gifts
A 5-piece set in a popular card-shaped package with a slim design. Perfect for gifts at events like Christmas parties.
The package has a random printing of gold ribbons on it, enhancing its appeal as a gift and giving it a luxurious image.

Organic mouthwash Double mint & lemon

The double mint and bitter lemon flavors evoke a kiss.

Organic mouthwash
Double mint & lemon

200mL / 2,200yen (tax excluded)
100% natural ingredients 97.3% organic ingredients


Preventing bad breath and oral care to share the same fragrance Bad breath care is a manner. The organic green tea extract derived from camellia plants and green tea leaves will sterilize the inside of your mouth, tighten your gums, and even prevent bad breath through tannins.
The mildly sweet flavors made from 2 types of mint (peppermint and spearmint) and bitter lemon are also addictingly refreshing. Put it in your mouth, rinse, and spit it out, each of these stages carries a slightly different flavor ending with the aroma of cumin... These flavors will provide gentle support.

Made with organic ingredients which are also effective for daily oral care Including a high concentration of organic aloe vera juice which has a cleansing effect, it regulates the condition inside your mouth. "Dragon blood", a precious sap harvested from the tall trees that grow wild along the upstream region of the Amazon, is also effective for mouth cleansing. You can use it every day to feel refreshed.

  • Dragon blood

    Dragon blood

  • Aloe vera

    Aloe vera

  • Peppermint


  • Spearmint


Organic Jelly Lotion Soft Yuzu & Green Tea

With its gentle moisture and smooth feel,
you can use it with peace of mind.

Organic Jelly Lotion Soft
Yuzu & Green Tea

200mL / 2,400 yen (tax excluded)
100% natural ingredients 98.3% organic ingredients


Because it is a food grade organic product,
Safe even if gotten in mouth
Striving to create a Jelly Lotion created that is safe and gentle, we only use food grade ingredients.
The green tea extract with its superior antibacterial, antioxidant, and moisture retention is made from 100% natural ingredients which are 98.3% organic including organic aloe vera juice so even if it gets in your mouth there is nothing to worry about.
※Effectiveness of the product

  • Aloe vera

    Aloe vera

  • Green Tea

    Green Tea

  • Sunflower seeds

    Sunflower seeds

  • Stevia


Organic Jelly Lotion Soft 10-pack of card shaped packages

With its card-shaped package,
To an era carrying your peace of mind with you.

Organic Jelly Lotion Soft
10-pack of card shaped packages

10g x 10 pieces 2,000 yen (tax excluded)
100% natural ingredients 98.3% organic ingredients


Portable and easy to carry with you
Card-shaped type containing 10g
We packaged 10g of organic, water-soluble Jelly Lotion in each package. The card-shaped package can be opened simply by folding it two. A slim design to enable easy storage in your wallet or bag.
Thanks to its highly smooth and spreadable texture, 10g is more than enough in all situations. By carrying it with you when going out or travelling, it can be a new habit for you to have safety and comfort anytime and anywhere. It also makes a perfect gift.

Organic Care Balm Tea tree & shea butter

A luxurious mix of beeswax and shea butter
provides care for troubles.

Organic Care Balm
Tea tree & shea butter

20mL / 2,500 yen (tax excluded)
100% natural ingredients 99% organic ingredients


"Care using a balm" is a new idea for after you finished It uses organic beeswax and shea butter as its base, which are used as the base ingredients for lip cream, salve, and hand cream. With its superior moisturizing, antibacterial, and waterproofing effects, it helps alleviate skin troubles. Its balm form which adheres to the skin well enables concentrated care on problem areas.
Because of its superior moisturizing power, you can also use it to your lips and around nails where dryness can cause rough skin. A balm which you wish to carry with you daily.
※Due to dryness

  • Beeswax


  • Shea butter

    Shea butter

  • Tea tree

    Tea tree

  • Lavender


Soy & Tea candle

Candle to commemorate the product release

With the brilliant scent of green tea,
in a relaxed but exciting mood.

Soy & Tea candle

160g / 5,000 yen (tax excluded)


An aroma that gives you a both a relaxing and a sexy feeling For better sex, it is important for both the man and woman to be in a relaxed state. Vetiver adds a somewhat bitter accent to the geranium with its gentle sweet elegance. Furthermore, the blend of natural essential oils with depth such patchouli oil and cedarwood oil creates a stimulating aroma that will also guide you to a feeling of relaxation.

Uses "soy wax" which is known for its long-lasting aroma Fragrance candles using ordinary wax may release smoke and soot from the wick after long periods of use. bda ORGANIC uses soy wax as its base. Because the fragrance lasts longer and less smoke and soot is released, it can be used without stress.

  • Geranium


  • Vetiver


  • Patchouli


  • Cedarwood