Jelly lotion soft / card type

Yuzu & Green Tea

10g x 10 pieces / 2,200 yen (tax in)
Natural ingredients 100% Organic content 98.3%

bda ORGANIC's popular product "Organic Jelly Lotion Soft" has become a card type package that is convenient for carrying.

Card type with 10g that makes it easy to carry when going out

Organic water-soluble jelly lotion is individually packaged in 10g. It is a card type package that can be opened by folding it in two. Slim design that can be stored neatly in your wallet or bag.
It’s a texture lotion that grows very well, so 10g isn’t enough. We suggest a new custom that keeps you safe and comfortable anytime, anywhere by carrying it when you go out or travel. Great as a gift.

  • Aloe vera
    Aloe vera
  • Green tea
    Green tea
  • Sunflower seeds
    Sunflower seeds
  • Stevia


Water, * Aloe vera juice, * Glycerin, * Guar gum, * Tea leaf extract, * Sunflower seed oil, * Stevia extract, tocopherol, citric acid, fragrance, sorbic acid K
* Is an organic ingredient. The fragrance is of natural origin.


How to use with condom?
It's okay. Although some oil components are used in the product, the condom (*) does not deteriorate, break, or easily come off because it is a very small amount. Please be aware that there is a possibility of breakage due to heavy sexual intercourse or being missed. (If used before wearing a condom, it may come off on the way) *: Natural rubber, latex, polyurethane, isoprene rubber (SKYN)
Is it okay if the lotion comes into my mouth?
This product has passed the strict standards of "ACO (Australian Certified Organic)", which is an Australian organic certification mainly given to organic foods, so it is safe to eat. However, it is not a food, so if it gets into your mouth without swallowing, be sure to spit it out and rinse your mouth.
What are the small white lumps that may appear during use?
It's okay. It is a plant-derived organic thickener (guar gum) contained in lotions, which is solidified by drying and rubbing.
Should I wash it off immediately after use?
It is not necessary to wash it off immediately, but it may cause discomfort, so we recommend that you wash it off with water, hot water, or a special soap.