Organic Jelly Lotion Soft

Yuzu & Green Tea

200mL / 2,750 yen (tax in)
100% natural ingredients 98.3% organic ingredients

From “discomfort” related to sex to release

It is said that one in two women feel discomfort (dyspareunia) at the time of insertion, and many of them are having sex during sex. Most of the causes are due to “lack of moisture” in the vagina. Lack of moisture due to changes in age, stress, and physical condition can cause threads and discomfort.

“Jelly Lotion Soft” was developed under the advice of doctors in response to the worries of many women. Just use it a little when inserting it, and you will be free from threads and discomfort. It leads to a comfortable sex life.

Organic 98.3% Moisturizing care in the vagina

Those used in the vagina are required to be highly safe.
Achieved an organic content of 98.3% (100% natural ingredients) and obtained ACO certification, which is considered to be the strictest in the world. Although it is a lubricant for sex, it is characterized by its “edible grade”.

Contains aloe vera juice that moisturizes the vagina and green tea extract with excellent antibacterial and antioxidant properties. The taste and aroma are Yuzu’s adult flavors. It is hypoallergenic at the same pH (4.5) as in the vagina.

How to use / use scene

When inserting, pick up the pearl size and stretch it out.
Since it is a water-soluble lubricant, it can be widely used as a lubricant for insertion, such as pleasure goods and menstrual cups, in addition to sex.

  • Aloe vera
    Aloe vera
  • Yuzu
  • Glycerin
  • Green tea
    Green tea

Water, * Aloe vera juice, * Glycerin, * Guar gum, * Tea leaf extract, * Sunflower seed oil, * Stevia extract, tocopherol, citric acid, fragrance, sorbic acid K
* Is an organic ingredient. The fragrance is of natural origin.


About compatibility with condoms
The water-soluble lubricant is excellently compatible with all condoms (natural rubber, polyurethane, isoprene rubber), so you can use it with confidence.
About use other than sex
Water-soluble lubricants are highly versatile and compatible with silicone items such as pleasure goods and menstrual cups.
What are the small white lumps that may appear during use?
It's okay. It is a plant-derived organic thickener (guar gum) contained in lotions, which is solidified by drying and rubbing.
Should I wash it off immediately after use?
It is not necessary to wash it off immediately, but it may cause discomfort, so we recommend that you wash it off with water, hot water, or a special soap.