Jelly Lotion Hard /Travel

Aloe & green tea

50mL / 660 yen (tax in)
Natural ingredient/organic content 78.8%

From the "organic jelly lotion hard" lotion for anal sex, a travel size convenient for carrying is now available.

Viscosity and persistence of natural plant ingredients support hard use

If you want hard use, plenty of moisture and lasting viscosity are essential conditions. Soybean and corn-derived organic glycerin are added to increase the viscosity.
Doing so gives a firm viscosity while stretching smoothly.
In addition, the addition of organic aloe vera juice has made it possible to maintain the viscosity.

Careful selection of ingredients, manufacturing facilities, and machinery, the trust of MADE IN JAPAN

In pursuit of viscosity and durability, we selected domestically selected natural ingredients. In addition, we manufacture at domestic facilities and state-of-the-art machinery.
The lotion selected with the confidence of MADE IN JAPAN has been completed.

A tasteless, odorless, colorless lotion that can be used by anyone

Sensual aromas and tastes can work effectively, but there is also a need for those without taste, aroma, or color depending on your taste, mood, and physical condition.
In response to that voice, we propose one of the choices as a clear, transparent, beautiful, tasteless and odorless lotion.

  • Organic glycerin
    Organic glycerin
  • Organic aloe vera juice
    Organic aloe vera juice
  • Pearl extract
    Pearl extract
  • Green tea extract
    Green tea extract


Water, *Propanediol, *Glycerin, *Aloe vera juice powder, tea leaves
Extract, sodium hyaluronate, citric acid, Na citrate, BG, ethanol,
Hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium polyacrylate, hydrolyzed conchiolin
* Is an organic ingredient


How to use with condom?
It's okay. Although some oil components are used in the product, the condom (*) does not deteriorate, break, or easily come off because it is a very small amount. Please be aware that there is a possibility of breakage due to heavy sexual intercourse or being missed. (If used before wearing a condom, it may come off on the way) *: Natural rubber, latex, polyurethane, isoprene rubber (SKYN)
Should I wash it off immediately after use?
It is not necessary to wash it off immediately, but it may cause discomfort, so we recommend that you wash it off with water, hot water, or a special soap.