Organic mouth wash

Double Mint & Bitter Lemon

200mL / 2,530 yen (tax in)
Natural ingredients 100% Organic content 97.3%

Prevent bad breath and share the same scent

Bad breath care is good manners. Organic green tea extract extracted from Camellia plants and green tea leaves cleans the mouth, tightens the gums, and prevents bad breath with tannins.
In addition, the sweetness-suppressing flavors of the two types of mint (mint mint and spearmint) and bitter lemon are a refreshing sensation. The taste changes slightly at each stage of putting it in the mouth, rinsing it, and putting it out. This flavor is gentle and appealing.

Contains organic ingredients that are effective for daily oral care

Contains a high level of organic aloe vera juice, which has a cleansing effect, to condition the mouth. In addition, the valuable sap “Dragon Blood” collected from tall trees that grow naturally in the upper reaches of the Amazon is effective in cleaning the mouth. You can use it every day with a clean feeling.

  • Dragon blood
    Dragon blood
  • Green tea
    Green tea
  • Lemon
  • Spearmint

Water, *Aloe vera juice, *Ethanol, *Lemon peel oil, *Mentha pepper oil, *Cha leaf extract, *Spearmint oil, Croton recreli resin extract, *Rosemary leaf extract, *Olive leaf extract, *Clove bud oil, * Stevia extract, parsley leaf extract, mint leaf extract, sage leaf extract, red pearl leaf extract, xanthan gum, * glycerin, sodium chloride, fragrance, sorbic acid k, sodium bicarbonate
* Is an organic ingredient. Ethanol is derived from sugar cane. The fragrance is of natural origin.